Kingston Market Trade Fair 3rd Market

By the time the Kingston Market fair came around, we have had our fair shares of trade fairs and enough practice with pitching our product. We were extremely excited and everything had built up to this moment so nothing was going to ruin it for us, okay may be the number of sales but we were determined!!

Having many other deadlines besides preparing for the fair, put us a cross road where we had to choose if we could stay a few hours and leave early. It was not until one of our lecturer said something along the lines of what if your income depended on the sales or the business would you still leave early? Call it reverse psychology but it worked. We got to see what sort of paper work goes into booking a stall, which is A LOT!


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 20.56.00.png

It was inevitably an interesting day; for luck of better words I had never thrown myself at people as much as I did on that day. You had to recover from rejections as fast as burgers are getting flipped at Mc Donald’s.




We made the most number of sales on that day, most likely because the demographic was varied and also we realised that a new group of people aged 50+ were more willing to pay for the asking price rather than the young travellers we had previously anticipated.


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