Breakthrough Success Summit W/ E J C Smith

A few days, I had the chance to attend one of Edward Smith’s summit in Kensington. Those session are designed to break through your limitations, help you develop a powerful mindset that will enable you create things you want, to boost your confidence, to get the wealth and the future one wishes to have.


Ed J C Smith teaches around the world how to apply business psychology to break through our limitations. The advantage he has over other business experts is the in-depth psychology background. Maintaining a healthy mind and being able to breakthrough any limitations our minds puts up is crucial in my opinion. Being an entrepreneur has it challenges but being able to surpass them and have the mental strength to pick yourself up when all hell breaks loose can make a great difference.

He occasionally runs sessions on Facebook Live to give free mentorship to any individual who is thinking of starting a business/new career or is just at a roadblock. He normally charges a substantial amount to his clients but such sessions are great opportunities for individuals who cannot afford it. One of my goal this year is to give the master I am studying my all, his live sessions motivate at times I feel less motivated. He talks a lot about valuing the end result to an extent where you are willing to spend your savings on knowledge and guidance. This is something that resonated a lot with me.

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