Spitalfields Market

After our trade fair in the Kingston business school, we had another try before the fair at Kingston Market. In terms of size, Spitalfields was larger, there was going to be more teams but the location of the market was an opportunity for us to make some sells or at least get some feedbacks. We knew it could go either ways: people could either hate the product and not want anything to do with it or they could love it and would either purchase it or give their impressions.

main-Old Spitalfields Market_600x600.jpg

One of the many reasons why we wanted to go to spitafields was because we wanted to sell the remaining products from the first batch. We wanted to get feedbacks and mostly see how to prepare for our third trade fair. When it came to telling the story with our stand, we made some drastic changes and the décor was much, much simpler. We just wanted the focus to be on the products and nothing else. We made an advert that we were playing on a small iPad, we had flyers and business cards. Likely, we made some sales although not as much as anticipated, but what we appreciated the feedbacks.

IMG_4981 2.jpg


The highlight of the day was pitching in front of the chairman of Young Enterprise. We were not aware of who he was so there was no added pressure of knocking his socks off which allowed us to rather focus on telling him about our product and us as a team (how we came about the idea, how we were enjoying the experience, etc). His feedbacks were encouraging, we used the approach we took when pitching to him and adapted our pitching style.


Some people could tell straight away that the product was for travellers and could guess its purpose, others thought wrong but that also allowed us to change a little for next time. Although no prize won, still left feeling more accomplished.

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