Finance With Simon Hulme



I don’t know what goes through one’s mind when you’re being told that you’ll be taught finance by a serial I mean serial entrepreneur. Someone who has built and sold two significant businesses, active Business Angel with 20 investments, who has worked for Goldman Sachs as a program tutor and is the program director of the Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL. I mean can I panic just for two seconds? Please?! In all seriousness I’ve always loved finance but at the same time I’ve always found it intimidating and overwhelming. For two years I had to do Managing Financial Resources and Financial Management as part of my undergrad degree hence it is safe to say that it was not unfamiliar territory. We were told during those two years how important it is to be familiar with the benefits of financial management (make efficient use of resources, achieve objectives, etc). Nevertheless, I was looking forward to the lecture.

I apologise in advance but I’m about to pull one those “my mom used to … “. Well I have to, with all due respect keep reading! I’m trying to make a point. My mom used to tell me growing up, even though you already know the answers to the questions your teachers are about to ask when you’re in class, don’t act as a “know it all”. Forget that you know it all, act as if you were just starting on a new slate and listen because maybe this time around he’ll say it differently, something else may click and you might find a better/quicker way to do that question in the future and it’ll never leave your brain. The point I’m trying to make is, once the lecture started I listened, observed as if it was the first time I was doing finance and I’m glad I did.

Simon was fantastic! He could not have explained it much better. His explanations were simple to the extent that even people who had not done it before could understand. What I found most exciting about finance this time around is that I actually have the chance to apply everything into a real business and not just stop at practice questions and exams. Although I struggled a bit with a pricing exercise in class, he gave three examples the clock, the greeting cards and the cup of coffee and it’s only when I was leaving the class that it finally clicked! To be safe, I decided to do more examples until there’s no room for doubts.


Thank you Simon Hulme!

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